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Summertime Saga is a visual novel with an obvious dating sim twist. This game is still in development. This means that some missions have not yet been completed. The game tells the story of a male protagonist who tries to find out the truth about his father’s recent death. Balancing school and home finances, looking for a dating partner.

If you’re one of the many players struggling with mentors, missions, saving with missions, and more, you’re not alone. Continue reading and follow the instructions to complete what you need. The Summer Saga contains many interconnected stories. If you want to play Summertime Saga, follow these steps.

Provide regular updates

This will help you keep track of all the changes to the game and its evolution. Frequent updates are now more common. Thanks to the progress of the game, although there is no exact release schedule. But the site is updated every two months on average, so Summertime Saga is worth playing.

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Statistics enhanced

Know your stats to level up your mission or improve your grades in college. For example, college statistics matter more than anything else. The faster you level up the easier it will be for you to complete the game. You need to improve your stats before the next mission. As explained in the summer saga guide, characters should be leveled up as quickly as possible during the game to avoid failure.

No sleep

A day in the Summer Saga consists of morning, noon and night. must be accomplished during these periods. Most objectives must be accomplished within a specified period of time. If you oversleep, you can lose the whole day and lose a lot of time. Even in the middle of the night when nothing is available. You can participate in rap battles or even participate in computer games to improve your stats.

Fix the computer

The computer in your room broke. Eric strongly recommends buying computer parts from Consum-R at the mall, which costs $200, but buy as soon as possible. This will help you complete the mission.

Pay attention to the characters

Don’t know what to do? Approach the available characters and talk to them again. They can advise you where to look and what to do. Sometimes the answer to your question is hidden in the conversation. They can give you information on where to look for the things you need.

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Sleep when filled

This technique doesn’t contradict the previous one on the list. Sleep without work In some stories, you have to wait a weekend or a whole day to move on to the next story. If you work on a story for a while, it doesn’t work. You can experiment with other things and take some time off. Time often hinders the progress of some things. Don’t consider the gameplay complete until you’ve given yourself enough time to complete the level.

Always make money

There are several activities in this game that require money. So your main goal is to save money for college. Earn money by completing many missions in the game at the same time. Hundreds of dollars are needed to buy gifts for friends and things needed to advance the story and complete tasks.

How to Make Money in Summertime Saga

You can earn money by shooting small game. Level up Roxxy’s missions as you play. You have to defeat Clyde in the shootouts. Request more shooting material so you can bet more money and win the same amount. You can bid $100, $200, or $400 to shoot material aimed at Clyde. There are 20 objectives and you have to plan your attacks to challenge Clyde.

Shooting small game is the best way to earn more money. You can earn money by helping Diana clean up the garden at her house.


While playing this dating simulator, you will spend a lot of time completing missions, solving problems and improving features. For those who want to enjoy the game smoothly and easily without hassle. This is the game for you. The above tips will definitely help you play Summertime Saga.

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